Eyvind Kang

To hear Eyvind Kang play violin is a powerful experience. His solo performances interweave scalding-hot improvisations and a rainbow of dissonant colours. They also reveal a deep understanding of classical techniques, and a positively beautiful sense of plucking and bowing his instrument. Kang's highest profile gig is playing loopy chamber jazz with the Bill Frisell Quartet.  He also creates infamous cavalcades of noise, found sounds and tape manipulations in his celebrated but enigmatic series of compositions known as NADEs (Kang won't reveal what this means) ...  His two recent recordings delve far afield of any singular influence or style. "7 NADEs" and "SWEETNESS OF SICKNESS" are as thick and thorny as a tangle of Seattle blackberry bushes. They're indulgent of punk's high energies, free jazz's relentless explorations and industrial music's metallic throbs.

By Andrew Bartlett, Sidewalk