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Hampton Fancher and David Peoples

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The Languid Longing for a Long Lost Love


A Memoir About a Mystery


by Gerald Conway


edited with commentary by Craig Grimes




9781895166446 118 Pages


July 22 2015


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The Languid Longing for a Long Lost Love: A Memoir About a Mystery purports to be the journal of one Gerald Conway (edited with commentary by Craig Grimes). Primarily, it focuses on a 'mystery' set in 1946 America, which is related with the help of 60 photographs. Radical novelist Grimes' comments draw attention to the mystery as a reflection of emerging post-war realities: nomadism, the cold war and the expansion of propaganda, the many who were damaged by the war, the growing dominance of images and the spectacle, the expanding significance of technology, monumental changes in transportation and the city, and the end of a radical union movement in the United States. The loss of certainties in 1946 is reflected in the mystery itself as Conway struggles to discern solid facts but finds only multiple perspectives and a growing lack of confidence about what is 'real.'