Music IS Rapid Transportation

...from the Beatles to Xenakis 

Editor: Daniel Kernohan

by Lawrence Joseph, Dan Lander, Donal McGraith, Bill Smith, Alan Stanbridge, Scott Thomson & Vern Weber

photos by Gordon Bowbrick, Herb Greenslade & Bill Smith

A truly alternative look at music lists, not one that merely includes the obviousbut shows the connections of popular music to the avant garde, the obscure, the experimental, the quirky, and the adventurous. Herein you will find a list of 500 artists from the familiar to the unknown. A list and a guide to musical pleasure sometimes close at hand and sometimes far afield. The book includes biographical essays of the eight contributors describing their musical journeys of discovery and the joy they derived from that exploration. They discuss the merits and dilemmas of collecting, recording versus live performance, the change of media and the future of music. In addition 100 plus artists receive short but detailed personal evaluation.


Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007


Anthony Braxton & the AIMToronto Orchestra


Grdina / Houle / Silins / Loewen

New Rules for Noise



 including non-Spool releases by Spool Artists


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